is to be a life-giving, Spirit-led church that demonstrates God's love by rescuing the lost, restoring the broken, and releasing believers into a life filled with purpose and power.
A church that is vibrant and full of the life of God. A church that reaches the lost by demonstrating God's unconditional love and grace. A church where everyone is welcome, no matter their ethnic background or economic standing. We celebrate diversity. A church that loves to worship God passionately & embraces the presence of the Holy Spirit. A church that ministers to the whole family by equipping children, raising youth, & strengthening marriages. A church that is excited about learning God's word and developing a deeper relationship with Him. A church where the power of God is present to heal, deliver, and set free. A church that is dedicated to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and helping the hurting. A church that displays integrity and excellence in every aspect of ministry. A church with a strong sense of community, where meaningful relationships are developed and enriched.


God has given us a love for people and a passion to see lives transformed. We have all been created for a purpose and we know that our purpose is to pastor a life-giving church. In fulfilling this calling, God has led us to Georgia to embark on the journey of our lives. Throughout our years in ministry, we have served together in many ways: we have helped lead churches, have ministered in worship across the nation, and have shaped the lives of hundreds of students through a school of ministry. We are more excited than ever before because we know that our 25 years of combined ministry experience have all been leading up to this moment.



EMPOWERING We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live a miraculous life. God’s word declares that healing, signs, and wonders are to be a part of the normal Christian life, so we are devoted to teaching believers how to walk in this promise. EQUIPPING We believe that discipleship equips us to live a life of significance. We are all called by God to take this Gospel beyond the walls of the church into the world around us. Our church exists to prepare believers to fulfill their God-given purpose.
CELEBRATING We believe that every church experience should be an exciting celebration of all that God has accomplished in and through our lives - every time you come to church you should be filled with hope and faith for your journey through life. GENEROUS We believe that God has demonstrated His love for us by giving us His Son, and that His example shows us that real love “gives”. We live out our love for the hurting, hungry, and desperate by giving of our lives, time, and resources.
RELATIONAL We believe that church is a family and that the Christian life is strengthened when we connect with other believers of like faith, so we provide a community where you can engage in meaningful lifelong relationships. LOVING We believe that an understanding of God’s love for us is vital to the life of the believer, and that our expression of that love is essential in our mission to reach the lost and hurting of this world. We want “love” to be our defining characteristic.








MINISTRY STRATEGY WE BELIEVE that an encounter with God’s love is the answer for every issue we face in life. WE BELIEVE that God uses people to demonstrate his extravagant love to the world. WE BELIEVE that God has called us to demonstrate His love by saving the lost of this city, by ministering love and grace to the hurting, and by empowering believers to rise up and fulfill their God-given dreams.
God’s unconditional love and grace has transformed our lives so much that we are compelled to share this hope with the world. This is not a numbers game for us, but it is a passionate mission that drives us to reach into the darkest places of this world to rescue every lost soul that God has called us to. Through discipleship and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we desire to see lives restored from brokeness to wholeness. Our purpose is to encourage believers to take the next step into a deeper relationship with Christ, learning how to trust in God and receive every promise that Jesus has provided. As we mature in our Christian walk we are released into our calling and God uses our unique giftings to touch the lives of others. We desire to train people to be leaders and servants of Christ in their everyday lives. We endeavor to affirm in every believer the destiny that lies within them.

Our story is simple. We are passionately in love with Jesus and His love has caused us to be radical in our love for people. Our goal is to lead people into this same kind of life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Janna and I met at while attending school at Lee university in Cleveland, TN. We dated for 4 1/2 years while completing our education. We have been married for 11 years and we knew from the very beginning that our relationship was ordained by heaven. We love doing life and ministry together and we know that we are stronger and more effective as a team.


Over time our team has grown. Almost 6 years ago God blessed us with our beautiful daughter Sophia. She is a compassionate little girl with an uncommon walk of faith. Four years ago my wife gave birth to our miracle boy, Grayson. This little guy was born with two heart deformities, and a mass in his kidneys that would have required open heart surgeries, and removal of the mass before his release from the hospital. Within two days of Grayson's birth the doctors were astonished as both heart deformities were miraculously corrected and the mass in his kidneys had disappeared. We love our children more than words can say and we are excited to see what God is going to do through these world changers.





Ministry to our family will always be first and foremost in our lives, and we believe that this principle of life qualifies us to minister to the world more effectively. As time went on, our family grew and so did our ministry experience. We’ve had some incredible opportunities to lead many people in many different capacities. Ministry started for me at a young age. While most little boys dream of being a policeman or fireman when they grow up, all I can ever remember wanting to do was preach. I have come from a rich heritage of ministers and leaders that has helped shape me into the man I am today. My wife was also born into a christian home. As a pastor's daughter, she has always been around the church and had godly influence in her life. My wife comes from a very musical family which has enriched her gifting and allowed her to travel around the world ministering the gospel through song.


For the past 14 years, we have been a part of the leadership team of New Life Bible Church in Cleveland, TN.  During this time we served as the Associate Pastors of this amazing body of believers and God developed in us a passion for the local church. I served as the director of New Life Bible College where I played a vital role in shaping the lives of hundreds of ministry students that had dedicated themselves to the calling of God. From this experience we took away a passion to develop emerging leaders, an appreciation for the power of biblical discipleship, and a desire to lead people into a vibrant life of fulfillment in Christ. As worship pastors for New Life Bible Church we had the opportunity to lead congregations around America in pursuing  the presence of God while growing as leaders and songwriters. We have had the opportunity to record our own original worship albums and heard churches around the nation sing our music. Our responsibilities during our service at New Life Bible Church has provided us many opportunities to reach out to people with the gospel, both locally and around the nation. Most importantly, though, we gained a profound appreciation for the values of Spirit-led ministry, integrity, servanthood, and faith in God.


In January of 2014, we began to feel a stirring in our hearts and God revealed to us that we were being called into new territory.  As we continued to seek the heart of the Father, we began to see that he was us calling us to pursue the God sized dream of planting a life-giving church in Atlanta, GA. In June of 2013 God deposited in us a profound burden for the people of this city. As we were driving through the city of Atlanta God spoke to me and said "Atlanta shall be saved". We had always enjoyed visiting Atlanta but this is the moment God gave us a heart for this city. Through prayer and preparation, the Holy Spirit has given us a vision for the ministry he has called us to in this region.  As we now see this dream becoming reality, we are filled with excitement and anticipation to for the journey ahead.


As we step out to do what God has called us to, we realize more than ever that this is an amazing adventure of faith.  Stepping out into that place of faith is not always easy, but we are confident that we are doing what God has called us to do and we have seen His favor on us every step of the way. We knew that God had called us to Atlanta, but metro Atlanta is a very large area so we began praying for God to narrow down for us exactly where to go. We felt drawn to the north west portion of Cobb County, and we prayed for God to confirm this leading and direct us on the timing to move. After a few months of prayer we got a call from a family in Georgia who told us that God had been dealing with them to take a second home that they owned off of the market and offer it to us, free of charge. The home is not only a gorgeous blessing that meets every one of our desires, but it is also located in the very area of Atlanta we felt drawn to. This was the confirmation from the Lord we were looking for. God is continuing to do miraculous things in our lives and we know that this is just a glimpse of the type of ministry Abiding Church is called to be.


Abiding Church exist to reach the city of Atlanta with the love of Jesus Christ. Our hearts desire is to serve the people of Atlanta through Abiding Church and offer them a real and powerful experience with Jesus.


WHAT WE BELIEVE The Bible The Bible is the inspired word of God, imparted to man by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is infallible and given to man for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness so that God′s people may mature and accomplish the will of God in the earth. (II Timothy 3:15-17; I Peter 1:23-25) God We believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy. (John 1:1-5, 10-14; Matthew 28:18-20) Salvation Sin separated man from God, and man′s only hope of redemption is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Those who desire to be saved must believe that Jesus died for their sin and rose again; accept the washing away of their sin by the blood of Jesus; and invite Jesus into their heart and confess Him as their Lord and Savior. (Romans 3:24, 10-18; 10:8-10) Salvation is an act of grace by which cannot be earned or merited through works; it is a free gift from God to everyone of every race, color, or creed who receives Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. (Psalm 103:3; Ephesians 2:8) Jesus Christ We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ as both God and man is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to prove His victory and empower us for life. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised. (John 1:1-4; 1 Timothy 3:16; Matthew 1:18; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Mark 16:5-6; Acts 1:9-11; John 14:3.) The Holy Spirit We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live the holy and fruitful lives that God intends for us to live and that through the Holy Spirit we have access to spiritual gifts for the purpose of building and edifying the local church. (2 Peter 1:2-3; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Acts 8:14-17; Acts 10:44-48; Romans 11:29:Acts 2:38, 10:44-46, 19:2; Galatians 5:16-26) The Church The Church is the Body of Christ made up of people redeemed by Christ. Every member of the body has a unique call and plays a vital role in the fulfillment of God′s will on the earth. (Ephesians 1:22-23; 2:19-22; Hebrews 12:23) Healing Jesus took all of our sickness, disease, and infirmities into His own body on the cross so that we would not have to bear them. A believer can access the grace of God through faith for healing, receive divine health for his or her own body, and believe for the healing of others as well. (I Peter 2:24; Mark 16:17-18) Water Baptism Baptism in water is a physical action symbolizing a believer′s putting off of the old, sin nature and being identified with Jesus′ death; and then the putting on of the new nature and being identified with Jesus′ resurrection to the newness of life. (Matthew 28:19; Romans 6:4; Acts 10:47-48) Communion Communion is an act of remembrance of Jesus′ body being broken and His blood being shed for the sins of the world. (I Corinthians 11:24-25, 28) Heaven & Hell We believe that Heaven and Hell are real eternal places and that our eternal destination is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ. (Revelation 20:11-15; John 14:1-4; Romans 6:23; John 3:15-16)



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